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Online Data Storage is committed to providing our highly effective offsite backup systems to all customers on a pay only for what you need basis. Rather than forcing our clients in to a one-size-fits-all mentality, we customize every package to your individual needs, whether a home user / run from home business or a multi-branch office with a hundred terminals.

How our pricing works:

  1. Start with our base plan – Online Storage Starter
  2. Add storage space as required
  3. Upgrade transfer limits as required
  4. Increase regularity to protect more critical data
  5. Lengthen file retention settings, whether for legal reasons or simply because Online Data Storage is capable of servicing your long-term storage needs.
  6. Add extra users if you have multiple computers

Compared to having your staff performing manual backups every day, Online Data Storage not only makes sense protecting you, it makes sense saving you money. Consider the following:


Now you can see how Online Data Storage can save you up to 75% off your current backup costs and provide you even better protection.

Online Storage Starter (base plan):

What it provides:



Option Suitable for:
1 gig

Standard – suits lower-use applications, such as:

  • home users (family photos, school projects, accounting records)
  • small offices (with a single computer, accounting files, business documents)
  • laptop owners (store all laptop data in case of theft or failure)
  • small business owners (eg restaurants, take-away's, general stores, retail; for keeping business records off-site)
5 gig

Ideal for smaller businesses with QuickBooks / MYOB, Office documents (like MS Word, MS Excel), emails

  • Small offices with more data
  • Offices looking to keep their data stored longer
10 gig

Suited to larger offices, possibly with a central file server, or a lot of stored information

  • Would suit a real estate agency with multiple salespeople, property profiles and photo's etc
15 gig

Great for smaller businesses wanting to keep their information longer (ie 1 – 5 gig users wanting to store information for many years)

50 gig

Ideal for volume users with higher than average storage needs.

  • Would suit an advertising agency
  • Would suit a web designer
  • Would suit a modelling agency
100 gig

Ideal for the high volume user, possibly servicing multiple users in a workgroup environment, or a company storing multi-media data.

  • Would suit a digital photographer, musician, digital artist or graphic designer.
  • Would suit an accounting practice storing clients' data files.
  • Would suit a solicitor storing digital versions of client files in a securely encrypted format in a secure data centre.

Transfer limits:

100 mb
250 mb
500 mb
1,000 mb


Option Suitable for:

Ideal for users who don't use a computer every day as an integral part of their business

  • Great for home users
  • Great for small business backups

This is best suited for offices that use computers to operate day-by-day. This would be capable of backing up changes made at the end of each day.

  • Great for most businesses in an office environment

This is the ultimate in redundancy, and allows you to run larger backups on the weekend when time is not an issue with users wanting to access their computers.

  • Great for the super backup-conscious


Option Suitable for:
365 days This would be standard with many smaller businesses and personal users
5 years A legal requirement in some instances will see you needing to keep files for a minimum 5 years.
7 years A taxation requirement, 7 years is the period of time to store your tax-related information, and what better way than using Get Data Safe.
unlimited If you have special requirements for storage, simply contact us to make arrangements.

To receive an estimated price of your needs, simply use our Subscription Calculator here.

How valuable is your data? Can you afford to trust your data to just a tape system or a backup service that is geared to quantity instead of quality? We offer daily backups, notification of missed backups, and FREE technical support - all for one low monthly charge!

Customer assumes all responsibility for Internet and / or telecommunications charges, long distance calls, and toll calls.

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